Roast Color
Although all our coffees are roasted to differing degrees to optimize their flavor, we have separated our coffees into three roast color families: Light, Medium and Dark. Part of the pleasure of coffee is discovering the different coffee varieties you like inside the various roast color families. Some people are fond of light roasts like our House Blend in the mornings and then enjoy a darker and more pronounced cup like our Dark Roast Kenya AA in the afternoon and evenings. Others prefer the same roast color all day long. Which ever you prefer, we have the selection and variety to satisfy the most discriminating taste.

Light Roast   Medium Roast   Dark Roast

Allows the subtlest complexities
of the coffee to be appreciated.


At this stage, carmelization accentuates the coffees ture characteristics, and allows the Roastmaster to bring out the
coffees full flavor.

Rich tones of smoke and leather
are complemented by chocolate
an spice at this point of
full carmelization.